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October is a time of recognition for a number of significant events and organizations, including Infant Loss Awareness, with October 15th specified as a day of remembrance. My son, Ty, would be eight years old next month if he didn’t die from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome seven years ago. He was just over four-months-old and brought the greatest love and experiences for my husband and me during his short life, and even after his death.

I am one story.

In reality, one in four pregnancies end in loss, with a myriad of other losses occurring after birth. What sounds like a statistic is someone’s life. A family derailed. Navigating grief can be tricky, especially when there’s no compass or map that clearly defines the correct path. Those suffering the loss may feel lost and forgotten in their devastation. Those trying to support them may feel hesitant or confused as to how best to help. While there is no easy answer, recognizing each loss is a good first step.

Talking about infant loss. Taking a personal interest in someone’s story. These are just a couple ways to walk alongside the journey and honor the loss of a child. I have felt how these efforts to empathize make a difference in healing a broken heart.

From September 26-October 16th, I am hosting a giveaway which includes a signed copy of my book, Borrowed Angel, a necklace that can be customized for your family, and a poster-sized print (“14.5 x 21”) of the art piece entitled, “She Will Find What She Has Lost” by Brian Kershisnik. Enter through the Rafflecopter below, which will randomly select a winner from participants. I hope that as you follow the entry requirement to “Like” my new Facebook page, Borrowed Angel that the page will grow to become a resource for grief and healing and a place for healthy conversation. Thank you for helping me with these goals!

**Due to issues with shipping, US residents only. My apologies!

Oct Infant Loss Giveaway 2017

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Inspiring words from the artist, Brian Kershisnik:

“All of us have dealt with loss and injustice and have been saved and rescued from them in ways we didn’t even realize,” he say. “My sense of the universe is that the dead or the unborn have an interest in what’s happening here. I don’t feel abandoned. I feel the angels, my people, are on it.” The woman in the center of the canvas is looking down. A lot of energy is being focused on her but she’s not feeling it, the artist says. Whatever troubles her is not over, “but she is not abandoned.

Customizing the Necklace:

Winner may choose the birthstone and change the inscription from “Families are Forever” to names of family members (as long as the names fit).

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