GIVEAWAY! 3 books and an Amazon Gift Card!

Kiefer, Cross, Johnson giveaway AD

I have teamed up with local authors Kathy-Lynn Cross and Sally Johnson for an amazing giveaway! Each of us are giving away a signed paperback, PLUS you win a $15 Amazon gift card. Check out the online raffle below! *Due to shipping limitations, this giveaway is for US residents only.…

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“Rising” by Holly Kelly


 Start The Rising Series For FREE!!! In a war between the humans and the inhabitants of the sea–humans will lose. Xanthus Dimitriou–the most lethal Dagonian to rise from the ocean–is on a mission to save mankind from annihilation. But first there’s one small thing he needs to do… kill a…

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“Shattered Memories” by Susan Harris

A terrible tragedy forced Alana McCarthy to forget a year of her life and now she is to be executed for a crime she does not remember committing, the murder of her entire family. Lost and alone, Alana is terrified of unlocking secrets buried so deep inside her mind that…

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“Dream Thief” by Tamara Grantham

Readers Fave Dreamthief

I believe in magic. Am I crazy? Maybe. But not because I believe in magic. Hi everyone! My name is Tamara Grantham and I’m being featured on the blog today because I’m participating in #CTPshare, where a few Clean Teen authors got together and decided to tell the world about each…

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“Bait” (Order of the Spirit Realm) by Kasi Blake

After sixteen years on the run, Bay-Lee joins her emotionally distant father at his New Zealand school. On her first night there, he dumps her on the doorstep and walks away. Big surprise. Minutes later, a bag is thrown over her head, and she’s kidnapped for Orientation. The hunter in…

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“The Hunted”, by CJ Hart

Just your average boy-meets-girl, boy-kills-people story. The Native American Navajo tribe has stories of a monster so wicked, so blood-thirsty, that they are to be hunted down and slaughtered. But are they just legends? Or is something sinister lurking in the shadows? The Yee Naaldlooshi—skinwalkers—have the ability to transform themselves.…

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“Never Forgotten” by Kelly Risser


I love when I discover a complete series! Never Forgotten is book 1 and FREE to download! Keep reading for all the details. “NEVER FORGOTTEN is a sweet romance with a paranormal twist!” ~InD’Tale Magazine USA BEST BOOK AWARDS (2014) AND INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARDS (2015) FINALIST. Meara Quinn is about…

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“Aftermath” by Sandy Goldsworthy


After losing her father, Emma Bennett moves to her aunt’s small town of Westport to finish out her senior year of high school. Emma wants to forget the pain and loss of the past few weeks, and finds relief in the company of Ben Parker—a local boy who she has…

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“Reluctant Guardian” by Melissa Cunningham


Death was nothing like sixteen-year-old Alisa Callahan thought it would be. Resting on pink, fluffy clouds for eternity with her gram and best friend sounded like a dream come true. After all, enduring one torturous experience after another in her short life deserved some kind of reward, right? Unfortunately, eternal…

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“Hidden Monster” by Amanda Strong

Cover with sticker (1)

  Jumping into week two of featuring Clean Teen authors! I love my publisher and how connected and invested all of the authors are with each other. We’d love for our readers to get to know everyone, too! Introducing Amanda Strong and the first book in her latest series, “Hidden…

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