Mirror reflection of young scared girl

THE SECOND WINDOW When your identity shatters with every unveiled secret, you might have stepped into The Second Window. Meet OLIVIA COLE, a senior at Westmont Academy whose private school, upscale life provides little to challenge her predictable life. Smart, sophisticated… and utterly bored with being seventeen, she sets her sights on…

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Validate Yourself and Stop Being Your Own Worst Critic

Full length of a tensed sporty woman sitting on the running track

We all love to watch an engaging race. Runners barrel down the track, each striving for the finish line; but imagine you notice someone lagging behind. Maybe they even trip, and their race that day is obviously lost. Most people would still offer encouragement instead of disparage the runner. Yet…

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To Give a Heart–thoughts on organ donation


Every so often there are organ donor videos that circulate Facebook that really put me back in this place of deep reflection on my decision not to donate my son’s organs. It’s a place where I feel both regret and gratitude for my choice. After only minutes of holding my four-month-old’s body…

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Big News! “The Second Window” Arriving Soon


Some of you know I submitted my latest manuscript to my publisher a few months ago. After receiving feedback and suggestions for change, I tackled my book again. Unsure if I was taking the re-write in the best direction, I almost gave up SO many times, even a week before…

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“It Ends With Us” Book Review (New Favorite!)

quote 2, it ends with us

You know those books where you have to stop part way through, just to tap the person next to you and make them care about what you’re reading?? Like you physically can’t help but verbalize the thoughts and emotions circulating your brain because all the layers throughout the storyline suddenly…

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A Story Unseen

hooded girl

When it comes to books or movies, we are not always fully invested in the life of an “extra”. As long as the main character survives, or falls in love, or rises to the occasion, we can overlook the detriment to the side-kicks. Yesterday I explored what that might feel…

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Seven Years Giveaway for Borrowed Angel


March 10th marked seven years since my son, Ty, died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). For the next two weeks, my social media posts will focus on offering support during challenging times and I’d love to hear from YOU! From now through next Friday, March 31st, you have the…

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35 First Chapters, FREE with one Download

Discover New Reads, an anthology of 35 first chapters from 35 authors! Click HERE for your free copy from Instafreebie. Readers often want to test out a book for more than just a few pages. This collection of first chapters allows you the convenience of sampling multiple books while also…

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Aaron & Owen, Angel Twins (Our Borrowed Angels)


Note: #OurBorrowedAngels is a series I will continue on my blog. If you have experienced the loss of a child, whether through miscarriage, stillbirth, infancy, or an older child, I would love to share your story. Contact me if you are interested and be sure to check out out this giveaway honoring…

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Giveaway! Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness


It’s that time of year to honor all those who have lost babies through pregnancy, stillbirth, or infancy. I reflect on the six years since my first-born passed away from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome at four-months-old and I’m grateful for the immense support and healing I have always had throughout…

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